GreenSpace Builders LLC

GreenSpace Builders, founded in 1999, is a leader in the field of garden landscaping and design. With a dedicated team of 43 highly qualified employees, the company offers innovative solutions for residential and commercial projects.

At NSB-Media, we had the pleasure of managing paid advertising campaigns for GreenSpace Builders. Our objective was to develop and implement a strategy that enhances the company’s visibility and generates new leads. By strategically advertising on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, we ensured that GreenSpace Builders effectively reached their target audience and strengthened their market presence.

With a strategic investment of $4,422 in paid advertising, we successfully contributed to GreenSpace Builders generating 1,013 leads. This impressive Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) underscores the effectiveness of our targeted campaigns and the value we brought to GreenSpace Builders. Our advertisements not only increased visibility but also significantly contributed to attracting new customers and enhancing the company’s business success.

The team at GreenSpace Builders is passionately committed to offering innovative and sustainable solutions that meet the unique requirements of their clients. Our advertising campaigns highlighted these exceptional services and provided potential customers with a clear understanding of GreenSpace Builders’ expertise and dedication to delivering outstanding results.


1. Introduction

NSB-Media recently partnered with GreenSpace Builders, a leading company in the field of garden landscaping and design. Our goal was to enhance GreenSpace Builders' market presence and boost lead generation through targeted advertising campaigns. Leveraging our extensive expertise in digital marketing, we crafted a tailored strategy that aligned perfectly with the company's needs and objectives.

2. Planning Phase

Our approach began with a thorough planning phase, where we analyzed GreenSpace Builders' specific goals. This allowed us to develop a strategy aimed at increasing visibility and maximizing lead generation effectively. Through meticulous research and strategic planning, we ensured that every advertising effort seamlessly aligned with GreenSpace Builders' growth ambitions.

3. Implemented Strategy

To address the challenges at hand, we devised and executed a highly targeted advertising strategy. Our campaigns were strategically placed on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to achieve maximum reach within GreenSpace Builders' target audience. Additionally, we optimized the company's sales funnel using advanced digital tools and techniques to enhance conversion rates and maximize campaign success.

4. Remarkable Results

The impact of our strategy was highly significant. With an investment of $4,422 in targeted advertising campaigns for GreenSpace Builders, we generated an impressive 1,013 leads. This outstanding performance underscores the efficiency of our targeted approaches and highlights the added value we brought to GreenSpace Builders. Through targeted advertising content and optimized lead generation, we not only increased visibility but also significantly boosted sales and customer acquisition.

5. Conclusion

The combination of our digital marketing expertise and precise strategic planning significantly contributed to GreenSpace Builders' success. We take pride in playing a substantial role in strengthening their market presence and expanding their customer base. NSB-Media remains committed to supporting companies like GreenSpace Builders on their path to success through tailored and impactful advertising strategies.

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